Game Rules


Wiscongo is “not your grandma’s bingo” - instead of balls and numbers we use images of Wisconsin icons and a deck of cards. Make sure everyone is given a game board, scorecard, a “clutch card” and plenty of chips at the start of the game.


Wiscongo is divided into 12 individual games. 

     • Each game has a different configuration that players match to win points.

     • The configuration for each game is shown on your scorecard.

     • Your scorecard is split into four “blocks”. Each block has 3 games. 

Players must place their wagers for an entire block before play for that block begins. Wager totals are listed on your scorecard for reference. 

     • Wager each number only once. The order of wagers can be random.

     • Winning an individual game adds the wagered points to your score.

     • If multiple players win a game, those winners are each awarded their wagers (which could be different for each player).



     • The game deck features 50 icon cards and 8 clutch cards.

     • The purpose of the clutch cards is explained on each card.

     • Separate the clutch cards from the rest of the deck and shuffle them.

     • Evenly deal the clutch cards among players.

     • If there’s an uneven number of players, either leave some clutch cards out or determine who gets extra (hey, may be see who can shotgun a beer the fastest to earn an extra card).

     • Players can only use each clutch card ONCE during the entire 12 Wiscongo games. Once a clutch card is used, it’s done.


When these cards are pulled EVERYONE should drink, even if those icons do not appear on your own game board. The social cards are the Tall Boys, Old Fashioned and College Drunk! 


Assign one person to “host” the game and shuffle the icon deck.

     • This person can rotate with each game.

     • The person dealing cards can also play at the same time. 

If an icon is pulled and it appears on your game board, mark it with a chip. 

The goal is to be the first to match the configuration for that game.

     • Games must be won exactly as shown on your scorecard. 

Shout “Wiscongo!” if you win.

Useful tip: when hosting be sure to say the background color of the card first, then the name of the icon TWICE (i.e. “RED, Frozen Custard, Frozen Custard”). This makes it MUCH easier for players to locate the icon on their game board (as they look for the color first). 


If there is a tie at the end of 12 games there will be a WILD CARD PLAY-OFF...

Each tied player selects their favorite Wiscongo icon out loud.

     • Players can not select the same icon. 

Shuffle the deck and fan out the cards on the table.

Players alternate by randomly pulling one card each from the pack. 

The person who's icon (selected out loud earlier) is the LAST ONE pulled out of the deck is the overall winner. 


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