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Not Your Grandma's Bingo™

Wiscongo!® is the NEW board game for Wisconsinites everywhere!

Wiscongo Lore!

Card #12: Hayward's Muskie

The world's largest fiberglass sculpture is also the world's largest fish -- a fearsome muskie. It's also the centerpiece of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, WI.

Card #42: the Cream Puff!

Sold at the Wisconsin State Fair since 1924, the iconic Cream Puff is the most popular food item among Fairgoers – an average of 350,000 are consumed each year!

Card #30: Football Season

One of the things that makes the 6-month winter well worth it! Football fans don't come much better than those donning cheese on their heads!

Game Play...

1. Gather Your Friends

Wiscongo! is a 2-8 player game, similar to bingo but instead of balls and numbers we use images of Wisconsin icons & a deck of playing cards.

Make sure everyone is given a game  board, a scorecard, a "clutch card" & plenty of bingo chips at the start.

2. Scoring

Using their scorecard players must wager points on each individual game beforehand.

There are 12 games - each one has a different configuration that players must get to win. If you win an individual game then the points you wagered are added to your score.

3. Card Deck

The game features 50 icon cards & 8 "clutch cards".

Clutch cards might allow you to swap boards with another player mid-game, or completely clear player's boards! Be strategic though, once a clutch card is used you can't use it again! 

4. Get Started

Assign a person to "host" the first game and shuffle the icon deck (the host can rotate with each game). The host simply deals the deck out on the table for all players to see. 

If an icon is pulled and it appears on your game board, mark it with a chip. The goal is to be the first to match the configuration for that game. Shout "Wiscongo!" if you win.

5. Useful Tips

No previous "Wiscongos!" are honored once a new game begins.

Wagers must be placed before each "block" begins.

When hosting be sure to say the background color of the card first, then the name of the icon (i.e. RED, Frozen Custard). This makes it much easier for players to locate icons on their game board as they look for the color first!

6. Drinking & Winning!

There are three social cards: College Drunk —  Old Fashioned — Tall Boys. When these cards are pulled ALL players must drink! We have a feeling you'll be okay with that though.

The player with the most overall points after 12 games wins! We'll drink to that!

If there's a tie at the end of 12 games, a WILD CARD PLAY-OFF will determine a winner.

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